AVIF is the first browser image format we’ve had in 10 years. Let’s see how it performs…

It’s from a few months ago but I find it interesting nonetheless


I would be interested if anyone has a comparison about this part:

There’s also a question of CPU usage vs other formats when it comes to decoding, but I haven’t dug into that yet. Although AV1 is starting to get hardware support, I’m told that dedicated hardware will be tuned for video, and not so great at decoding a page full of images.

Because as nice as these filesize improvements are, if they result in significantly lower battery time on mobile, or constantly spinning up the fan of laptops etc. when browsing the internet, then in most cases a slightly bigger but easy to decode image format is probably still the better option.

Dreeg Ocedam

That’s a fair point. But since avifs comes from video codecs, I would intuitively think that images need to be decoded quite quickly, and that would mean that AVIF is likely not that complex to decode.

Maybe someone that knows a bit more about video/image codecs could confirm.

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