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Hi all, in these covid-19 crisis times I would like to support some streamers on Twitch by following and sub-ing, but Twitch does ask for a birthday (besides email address) with sign up. I did some searching and it is not clear to me what happens when I would fill in a well known 1st of January 1970. I don’t like the fact that personal info gets sold or used, or that I get tracked. What does Twitch do with the birthday and email information, and perhaps Paypal for paying info ? Can I just fake the numbers without worrying ?


Just chiming in that if you do signup and are on Android checkout the app Twire in the FDroid store for your on device streaming - it works well and doesnt have the bloat of the Twitch App.

Edit: Link to app


Many streamers offer a way to donate to them directly, which I would recommend using, not just from a privacy point of view.

Half of a subscription goes to Amazon, so you’re paying $5 and the streamer only gets $2.50.
And Amazon really does not need aid in these times. They benefitted greatly from the lockdowns and social distancing.


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Some instances are, yeah.

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