On Advent
This week, as I was busy being adorable and minding my own business, I was forced to see with my very own face eyes, a very bad take from America about mixing over the holiday season.  To whit…

So anyway, medieval people would not conceive of this time period in the same way that we do, which is to say as a “festive” time when you sat around decorating and socializing and you decided that you were gonna go to Church for the nostalgia of it. Calendars with chocolates, office parties, and eggnog lattes were pretty scant on the ground when you were meant to be eating less than usual and thinking about the apocalypse.

I have been beating this drum and will continue beating this drum. Advent is its own thing, thanks.

An earlier piece is also very good:

Saturnalia was originally held from December 17th to the 23rd, which is admittedly not twelve days, and a bit earlier, but damn, don’t you want a longer party? Can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that medieval people were like, ‘I’m sorry, but these Romans are just not partying long enough for my liking. Imma need seven more days.’

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