Lead based paint and lead in gas was a huge health issue causing IQ to drop etc. This issue was taken very seriously when it was presented as something the will cause massive GDP loss. Our governments care about money first and foremost. I think if Extinction Rebellion etc started getting analysis put together for articles that can be written about how the Climate Crises will cause countries to lose huge amounts of GDP and even have some National Security impacts and huge amounts of migration then governments will start to care.

Here are some places that wrote about lead https://news.umich.edu/lead-abatement-a-wise-economic-public-health-investment/


The removal of lead from gasoline is one of the most important accomplishments for children’s health in the 20th century, with economic benefits that have been estimated at $2.45 trillion each year.1 In the industrialized world, there has been further progress in reducing lead exposure from other sources, including paint.

Here’s info about GDP loss due to the Climate Crises https://web.stanford.edu/~mburke/climate/map.php It’s very short and to the point. This is a decent start but I think what’s needed is anaylsis\articles that include the migration aspect of climate refugees, the rich places like in Florida that will lose property value, maybe some mention of the troops equipment in bases being affected by hurricanes etc.

What do you think?

The Climate Crisis

    The impacts and solutions of the Climate Crisis

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