I tried doing it last year but about halfway through lost energy to keep going. I’m thinking of giving it a shot this year but am already a little late to start.

For those of you who don’t know it’s basically come programming challenges that go along with a story. One challenge is released each day and the challenges often build upon each other. It def encourages you to use good coding practices since the challenges can be very easy if you made your code modular in the previous challenges.


It has been fun so far. We’ll see how far I get.


Are you throwing the code up in a repo anywhere?


I actually tried doing 2018’s Advent of Code a couple months ago to learn Rust but gave up after I hit a wall. (Hate myself for this sometimes.)

Will start this instead. Thanks for posting this.


This years seems much more approachable to me. Like the problems are easy enough that I want to try doing them in Go but have been too lazy the first few days and just done them in JS. Also this year I’m just trying to finish them instead of getting a perfect solution like last year.


The curve is much gentler this year. Inputs seem shorter too.

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