Yes. Figure out how to capture antimatter from vacuum in a cheap way and use it as propulsor. This could be one of the most effective methods of transportation ever: the antimatter propulsed airship bus (you’re going to win a nobel)


No. We are already running out of helium. Ground transportation is just better.


Nothing wrong with using hydrogen if it can be done safely. The entire exterior of the hindenberg was essentially painted with thermite.

The fact that hydrogen is flammable is not really the issue, jet fuel is flammable but we fill planes to the brim with that. The question is really how safely it can be done.

As for public transportation by airship. I doubt it. But I suspect airships could find a use for cargo in places where trains can’t easily be built, IF you can get the safety up to standard that is.


The fact that hydrogen is flammable is not really the issue

No, the issue is that it’s highly reactive to oxygen. You can’t have pure hydrogen and air in the same space without risking a violent explosion. I’d say that’s a pretty big issue.


deleted by creator


Right but again it’s about whether it can be done safely. If it can be done safely the flammability of it is functionally irrelevant, the issue is safety and reliability.

It’s absolutely a big and very difficult issue though, I agree.

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