I’ve been exploring Emacs vanilla and found some gems. I’ll list those and would like you to list as well in special those that you migrated to from a non built-in package.

  • fido: minibuffer completion
  • tab-bar: flexible tabs for frames and windows
  • desktop.el: saving/restoring sessions
  • rgrep: grep recursively
  • ibuffer: has filtering functionality
  • vc: frontend to git, mercurial, but very limited in comparison to magit

These are excellent! I became an instant user of both the tab-bar and the desktop-save/read functions. Gems indeed. Thank you for sharing! As for lesser known Emacs built-ins I appreciate, here’s a short list that may qualify:

  • remember - a mode for remembering data with as little structure upfront as possible
  • todo - create and manage to-do lists with minimal effort
  • speedbar - calls a new frame for quick navigation in directories and info nodes
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