Open Source grand strategy games?

Are there any? With dedicated communities behind titles like FreeCiv, and the almost “roguelike” character these games can have, I’d expect that it could happen. It’s also heavy on mechanics and light on presentation, another thing open source games tend to be better at on average.


0 A.D. comes to mind.


While it is a fun game, I think it’s really more of a traditional RTS and not really grand strategy.

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Grand strategy wargames typically focus on a war or series of wars, often over a long period of time. Individual units or armies may not be represented; instead, attention is given to theaters of operation. The resources of the nations involved may be mobilized as part of a long-term struggle. The simulation typically involves political and economic as well as military conflict.

Examples include, most prominently, the Paradox Interactive catalogue of grand strategy games, including:

Imperator: Rome

Crusader Kings

Europa Universalis


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