Don’t get me wrong, I like Nextcloud and have been using it for a really long time.

But I have come to realize that since several version nearly all the new features and improvements were either completely useless to me or so buggy/incomplete that they are hardly usable.

I also dislike that Nextcloud tries to reinvent the wheel in several places, while neglecting core functionality.

Of course from the market perspective and thus main funding sources it starts to make more sense, and I certainly appreciate that Nextcloud keep (mostly) away from “open core” features (unlike Owncloud & Pydio).

But I am starting to think that Nextcloud is moving away from my use case, into some sort of corporate productivity suite, and so far sadly not a very good one.

I have been following their “open-source” competitors, but it doesn’t look like there is really any good alternative with company backing. As said above, Owncloud and Pydio (while they are actually focusing more on core features, and moved to much more performant Goland backends) are too “open-core” for my taste, and Seafile is obfuscating files on the harddrive thus it is a sort of vendor lock-in and also the company behind it seems somewhat dubious.

As a minimum fallback I am actually thinking that Hubzilla is quite nice. It is mainly a fediverse social media system, but includes a Card/CalDAV and WebDAV server and a basic web-interface for it. Furthermore it has a collaborative Wiki build in and one can use the federated group messaging as a sort of internal exchange forum. The XMPP messenger addon is outdated, but could be made to work better again, I guess. So all in all a quite reasonable alternative, but with its own limitations.

Anonther option I have been thinking about is combining Filestash with this cool new SFTP/WebDAV file server backend written in Golang. That should make a pretty high performance webbased file management solution (only).

For mobile clients GhostCloud is a generic WebDAV sync client that works quite well, and there are also many ways to conveniently access WebDAV shared from the (Linux) desktop.

For contact and calendar syncing I am also thinking that Etesync might be the better solution than Card/CalDAV as it is fully e2e encrypted.

So after this wall of text, any additional thoughts or recommendations?


I’ve been feeling similarly since the rebrand to Nextcloud Hub, but honestly not so much that I’ve been looking for alternatives. I use Nextcloud for files, calendar, and RSS and every other app gets disabled.

And it has been fine and stable, until my Android device started throwing malfotmed server config errors a month or two ago out of nowhere. I haven’t had time to look into it at all in my case, but based on a reading of the gh issue everyone seems stumped.

But even so any potential replacement would need to be really good, cause Nextcloud has been great and very easy to run and maintain in my kubernetes cluster and using DO Spaces for storage.

Talk about Nextcloud. Nextcloud has its own forums, but I am not super keen on Discourse based forums. Hopefully here we can share information and find mutual tech aid.

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