I have been running batocera Linux for emulation and media watching in my living room on an old AMD mini PC. It emulates stuff well enough up to PS1/Dreamcast/PSP. With batocera running emulationstation and kodi as frontends, it is a very neat entertainment device all around, after some fidgeting, even stuff like YouTube in kodi works again.

It being an older and never very powerful to begin with little thing, the hard drive with ROMs + scraping data is getting completely filled up though with ps1/dreamcast/psp games quickly adding up. With my movies and TV shows, I access them from a storage server I made out of another old PC I had on my local network. For ROMs however, I have found no obvious option for it to get the game list, ROMs and/or scraping data from a network storage.

Does anyone here have some experience on how to set something like that up? Experiences from similar setups (like e.g. with retropie) would probably also be helpful.

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