Edit: in the meantime for the interested, here’s a mediafire link with a PDF and GPX file I made from a youtube tutorial for the intro of GOAT. http://www.mediafire.com/file/h2b3ps4w2na6ded/GOAT.zip/file

I discovered this amazing prog metal band called Polyphia and their most famous song, GOAT. It’s been tabbed by hobbyists in many, many versions but the record company has pulled down all of these amateur tablatures.

That means until further notice, to get the tabs to this incredible song, one has to purchase the official tab book (which includes GPX and PDF files) for 20 dollars on their website.

I figured we shouldn’t stand for this, and since I was unable to find a cracked tab book, I figured I’d try my luck here.

The idea is that if a few people are interested in this book, I will purchase it with my own money, and if I you can use the files (provided there’s no DRM or I can crack it), only then will we split the cost. Or post them on this page if it’s okay with the contributors.

I only need three more people and it’s only 5 bucks each for the full tab book. If I can’t get the files to work on your computer, then I’ll cover the whole cost myself. 20 bucks isn’t that much but hey, 5 bucks would be even better and then we can even spread the music so it reaches more people.

If there’s a lot of interest we can spring for the complete pack which is only an extra 20 dollars (don’t know how many guitarists we are on this website lol).

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