This could be done in a separate community or in the equivalent communities in here(spam?). It would increase content and might bring more live to this platform.

It would make sense if someone create a separate Lemmy server that mirror Reddit and people can federate with it optionally and filter the content where applicable.


I’d like to see this much more than a bot auto-posting from Reddit on here. Getting flooded with links where no one talks is one of the worst things that can happen to sites like this.

…but I wouldn’t mind being able to keep up with a few subs that I miss from when I used Reddit.


good idea


Not to be contradictory on here, but I actually like that lemmy is a bit smaller. So far more posts have been thoughtful, and i’ve been able to branch out a bit in my interest, reading posts from other communities than usual. If it suddenly had reddit level posts, it would be very hard to stay on c/all


I agree. I’d rather have a smaller community of people who I value. Really, I’m trying to escape from the endless consumption and the knowledge that I’m being constantly tracked on reddit / Instagram, etc.

I think it’s fine if people want to go to the respective subreddits and select stuff to post, but we don’t need a bot to blindly do so.

Lemmy is off to a great start imo. I’ve been waiting for a open source / federated alternative to reddit, which is ideologically left, but can host discussion on technology, and all sorts of topics - not just politics.


Reddit has 300 million monthly active users, 200 million posts per year and 2 billion comments per year.

I think lemmy needs to have it’s own signature personality and vibe if it will succeed, and it would probably be hard for a bot to mirror everything from reddit on a nascent project in any case.


Also, with that amount of posts flooding Lemmy with its smaller userbase, it would be a lot of dead posts without engagement.

Perhaps some communities could profit from reddit mirror bots - when it comes to mirroring news/announcements for certain topics perhaps.

Also, as others mentioned, an opt-in reddit mirror instance might make some sense, I guess, an no one’s keeping anyone from setting smth like that up.


Yeah, I suppose if someone else wants to do that on their own time and energy, they shouldn’t be forbidden, at least.

But I’m not even at perhaps. I just don’t think it’s a good idea at all. I want to see what Lemmy can become on its own.


Yeah, thinking more about it, the “perhaps” case would still not make sense. For those communities, it would make more sense to have bots that directly fetch whatever announcements/news they need.

Relying on Reddit as an intermediate step is always a bad thing there.


It’d be super easy to write a script to do this, but I’m kinda against it now. Just like with mastodon deciding not to cross-post from twitter, its better to let these platforms grow organically on their own, rather than just copying content from elsewhere.


In the beginning when reddit started, the founders and a few other people were non-stop posting new and copied content to attract people. The content between and reddit was 90% similar, but reddit had the nicer interface, and IRONICALLY didn’t have censorship back then.

If you’re able to raise enough funds, it might be worth hiring someone to do posts down the line. (I’m talking about a 100 posts per day for 10 USD remote work thing).


I mean, reddit had mods and banned bad actors just like they do now. It just became a hot button issue in recent years. That’s a debate for another day, but I guess I just view that history very differently.

Anyway, reddit was similar in that it absorbed a lot of the same internet culture that Digg had, but it wasn’t directly crossposting or paid posts, although there was a point in the very beginning where they apparently had founders and first adopters with multiple accounts to create an astroturfed impression that they had a community at the very start. And I think whatever culture Lemmy sets, I would want to veer far, far away from anything connected to paid content farming. Just like when the discussion of should Lemmy have paid ads, paid content farming gives me the heeby jeebies. And heeby jeebies are highly infectious.

I would rather just use Lemmy for everything but I recently did have to make a new Reddit account because I was tired of missing out on certain things. If there were some kind of way to mirror content, we could get more people here from Reddit.

Hopefully users will make an effort to post a link they liked more regularly.


You obviously would need to limit the content it mirrors to a few successful posts per minute. I do agree that it should develope its own culture but at the moment there is just to little content.


I think the sheer orders of magnitude we are talking about here put it beyond the bounds of something that could be feasible with a simple cron job tweak. But you still could, say, curate, and put more reddit content here if you wanted to. But that brings me to the next point.

Strategically, I think something like that would kill the chance of Lemmy developing any kind of signature of personality of its own, and it should offer something unique to people. Mastodon has subcultures and norms and vibes that make it feel different, which has attracted mass migrations of users. I think the devs of Lemmy have done a great job of setting a tone in terms of not tolerating trolls, and it’s up to users to organically grow from there.

I think you’re right about there not being a ton of content, however.


I think you’re right about there not being a ton of content, however

When a mobile app comes out, perhaps more activity will take place. Your point about mass migrations is salient, there was already a period when that looked like an issue.

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