To really be in control of your email, you need to purchase a domain name. Then, you can use any email provider you like, and change providers without having to “start over”.

Unfortunately for privacy-oriented folks, this means becoming more easily identified, whereas using solutions like aliasing systems (e.g. anonaddy) you effectively appear as different identities on each site (when only taking the email in consideration, of course).

I know it’s not easy or always possible to have both though…


It seems like “possible to have both” is the best option if you get things like statements from a utility or bank and don’t want google reading them. Aliases for site registration and non-google permanent email.


Yeah that’s great advice.


This is a good start for hfet, glad to see a clean UI (like the link style for example) and thoughtful content.

Was wondering if this is literally true:

Google is only able to provide comprehensive products for free because they use and sell the data they collect from you in exchange for that access.

My impression is they sell ads based on the data they have in their walled garden, but don’t actually sell user data. I may be wrong about that.

Also, the bit about moving away from big email was interesting. I think it could have its own section header (instead of ‘treat your email like letters’. I would also read an entire article on just that subject.



Others pay to harass Google victims in their DB with manipulative ads.

Maybe that’s the meaning intended


yes that seems about right … the author describes themselves as a lawyer so it seems ok to debate semantics heh


Thanks for the feedback! Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to publish a piece like that :)

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