He also worked at Google, a company that’s arguably more evil than Microsoft.


If microsoft really is changing their tune, let them demonstrate it by opensourcing windows 7

without that, or a similarly truly community-minded course of action, we must assume they’re up to their old tricks

If microsoft really is changing their tune

Narrator: They’re not.

They’re not changing because they suddenly love FLOSS/Linux, they’re changing because their business model is changing.

Since they weren’t able to get a foot in the smartphone/tablet market, that is slowly strangling the desktop market and that Google and Apple are now too far ahead to catch up, they are more or less giving up the customer market, to focus on the professional markets. That’s why they made WSL (to keep devs on windows), bought GitHub, started Azure. They don’t want to be an actor of Open Source world out of generosity, they are becoming one because their new customers (devs) demand it, since FLOSS is the most powerful devs have.

They have 0 incentive to opensource Windows 7, since no one is seriously asking for it, and it’s not like it costs nothing to them. Also, Windows 7 likely still shares a lot of code with Windows 10.


Spot on. I think there’s a bit of desperation there too tbh (re. shrinking desktop market and they’re way too behind in mobile).

All of that said I don’t trust them one bit. And their over active pr machine is unconvincing

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