Lmao, but I got suspended from Facebook several years ago for making fun of conservatives.


Facebook giving special treatment for right-wingers isn’t really a new thing and it has seen over 9001 times.


When people take social media literally when one meant it figuratively. Goes to show how easily people can become triggered. It’s one thing to hear someone say it but it’s different when one actually sees it; there were instances of actors and larpers posing with the faux head of Trump as part of a skit and part of a rally.

The latter have gone insane.

Because public official should be held to a higher standard. It’s like screaming fire in the threatre room and end up killing a few people as they panic for an exit, they should be held responsible for it.

If for an example, Trump declared that he is firing nuclear bombs at California and Hawaii on Twitter and on Smartphone Presidential Alert, you’ll have potentially the same scenario like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4tLngM0i6A Even if it’s a prank or in jest by public official, they are still responsible for the shit they do and say, laws or no laws.


Trump kicked him out of the WH long before that so technically, he wasn’t even a public official. It was still said quite distastefully, just as much as protesters who’ve literally done it.

Here hoping we get rid of corporate platforms in favor of Federated Platforms in the future.


Meanwhile, I got suspended on twitter for suggestion it was good that Richard Spencer got punched.

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