How can I bypass the black screen of OBS

Hi! My mother have a Proximus (com company in Belgium) and they have a service to watch TV and recorded movies on the internet.

Somebody asked for viewing one of the movies we recorded. In order to record it, I tried to use OBS. But I only got the sound. The player of Chrome was blacked out by OBS.

I couldn’t connect the account with Firefox (I don’t know why) and even by disabling all the extensions of Chrome. I still can’t get this black box out.

Could somebody help me?

TL;DR. How can I bypass online copyright protection to use OBS to record movies?

PS: The computer is a Windows 10 OS (I use Linux but I can’t connect with Firefox either)


That’s probably because of DRM (probably Widevine given that it’s Chrome)

This repo might be of some help, but afaik that’s just a proof-of-concept. Not sure how you can practically make it work.


I’m so salty right now. The guy behind the decryptor and its forks were all DMCA’d…


Yeah I read about it and I kinda regret not having used it in time. But honestly I didn’t even expect it to be online for as long as it did.

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