Any good free and open-source MathType alternative?

Hello! I’ve been searching for a while, and haven’t found anything similar, that allows you to graphically write multiple equations in a notebook style. My teacher uses MathType to solve equations in class, and that question always comes to my mind.

Ideally something extremely simple, that also allows you to easily switch between “math” and “text” styles.


Libreoffice has a Math/formula/equation editor. Not sure if it’s what you’re after.


Yes, and it’s pretty nice, but it doesn’t allow you to write multiple equations in a single file. You could use a lot of newlines, but it’s not as convenient as the MathType approach.

MathType even allows you to export a GIF: ejercicio1 Sistemas.gif


Given what you explain here… what is about LyX ( Some screenshots in

Given that LyX is generical for every kind of document allowing equations too, I could suggest Math-o-mir ( for something more specific but I would not like to recommend it since it’s for Windows only and its source code does not seem to be maintained anymore.

46M maybe it can help :)


The canonical way to write math is to format it in Latex. If you’re planning to do it graphically, live then I don’t know of a good tool but I also can’t think why you’d want to do that?


Online classes. My differential equations teacher uses MathType to solve exercises in class. I’d like to suggest him a free software alternative, or at least know myself there is one.

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