That’s a shame, you would want to share stuff there


Well, clearly Lemmy is doing something right. Facebook is a cesspool anyway.

This makes Lemmy a more underground platform, no fear of Facebook boomers getting themselves here.


Hey I am a facebook boomer.



Travis Skaalgard

“This link promotes platforms that are not surveillance engines; this goes against our Terms of Use.” I also see this when I sign up for sites with my protonmail email address.

Wow, I have yet to face any trouble with my protonmail account. That’s just bullshit.

LOTS of websites have blacklisted ProtonMail addresses. I often have to use the (which looks infinitely shadier to the untrained eye than just “”) to register on websites.

That’s a really low blow from their countepart. Even in plain sight. Disgraceful…

Do you have any examples of sites blocking protonmail (if you feel it’s ok to share and it doesn’t break any rules) ?
It might be that I have a really low number of online accounts, but to this moment I have never found a service rejecting tutanota, not even anonaddy.

Amazon (gross, I know, but sometimes they’re the only place to find stuff) does it. I think DeviantArt does as well. Several forums I’ve been on as well.

Unfortunately I have to use amazon as well.
When I need electronics or computer components, I can either get an item from a not-so-local shop 30 kilometers away by car (they don’t ship) or buy online.
If I can’t buy from a good reseller online or directly from the producer, then I am forced to get to amazon.

However, amazon didn’t complain when I was using my previous email account from protonmail (2 years ago I think, at this point). It’s possible is a new restriction.


Really? My Amazon account is registered with a protonmail address and I’ve had no issues.

Interesting. They didn’t let me do it.


They might have changed the sign-up policy only recently.

Twitter doesn’t allow new sign ups with disroot email, but I had an account with it earlier.


deleted by creator


this may be taken as a good sign, in a sense that fb is already aware of it lol


Haha yeah we should wear this with pride.

kinda relevant: a few weeks ago I was using FB messenger w/ a family member, and I sent them a torrent magnet link. FB removed it. Literally a private message, not even on a public space at all, and it could’ve been a linux torrent for all they know.


at this point i am not surprised that i am not surprised at shit fb tries to pull off :(

and also, that’s just weird, what’s exactly the mental process here? hmmm, this person has absolutely no other way of communicating with this person to might just give up :woman shrugging:


“” Don’t worry, we take your privacy at heart!
Now, sign here the form that absolutely doesn’t guarantee us the possibility to lower your pants at any time. “”

– absolutely not facebook

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