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How have I been online for 25 years and NEVER heard of this? I’ve always wanted to see someone threaten the ICANN namespace monopoly.


https://blog.uncensoreddns.org/ started when the Danish courts ruled that ISPs should censor the pirate bay, and is still going strong.


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Best I know of is to basically set up your own DNS server and have it override the TTL duration for those DNS records to 24 hours. Then you’ll get to enjoy faster response time for DNS lookup. You still however have to go out and use DNS server like and so forth in order to resolve the domain name, but you can prolong the records to go beyond 5 minutes TTL.


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How about this one? https://digitalcourage.de/support/zensurfreier-dns-server Blockada has it as one of their configurations. Oh the website is in German though

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