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The services I think is best suited for federation next in my opinion is Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange. It’s a site aimed at programmers, so a larger percentage of the target userbase cares about FOSS and open standards. It has shit tons of moderation problems which SO is trying to solve by democratizing itself to some extent via meta stack exchange and the SO elections and surveys, but true democratization by letting people hosts their own instances of SO seems infintely superior to their attempts. Being able to have different SO instances cater towards different audiances, a more beginner friendly SO, an SO that really wants to avoid redundant questions, etc. Also having a way in which multiple different qa sites can talk to each other would make finding solutions so much easier. IDK it seems like such a no brainer to me.


Yeah, their whole Stack Exchange cluster is already built up like federated instances. They just don’t open that federation up to the outside.


IK it seems like its begging for federation… It also seems like it would be a behmouth of a project.


Questions2Answers is open source, but I don’t think they have any federation plans. This would probably be a big project but would be very useful to have.


I think Fediquest has the right idea here: https://social.matej-lach.me/@MatejLach/103148962181822666, although it seems to be in early stages, building federation first, and the app itself only after (https://github.com/MatejLach/astreams)?


I know there is librepay


Looks promising! there’s also a patreon it seems

Here’s my wishlist for the future:

  • A federated streaming platform to replace Twitch

  • Some sort of FOSS service for meeting new people, à la OkCupid


A federated streaming platform to replace Twitch

Definitely needed. PeerTube’s 4th donation-step has been reached recently. Hopefully that will result in some work on that.

I actually recently read that streaming to PeerTube is in the pipeline.


One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is that if someone were to devise a way of doing a federated online review system that’s at least about as trustworthy as its centralized counterparts (I know, even those aren’t particularly great, but they are something), that could open up a lot of possibilities for even more federated alternatives to many centralized services, especially if combined with a secure way of doing payments.

For example, if a federated service like that matched buyers and sellers, that could be an alternative to Amazon marketplace, if it matched drivers with passengers, that could be an alternative to Uber/Lyft, etc. Of course, like I said, such a system would need to be at least as trustworthy as its centralized counterparts and would need some mechanisms to prevent against fraud, etc. A challenge for sure, but something I’m not convinced is impossible either.

I agree completely!


Regarding meeting people, there is alovoa .

Alovoa looks really cool but needs a lot of work before it’s really usable.


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That’s not really what I’m talking about. You can meet people on Twitter too. I’m talking about platforms specifically designed to facilitate people meeting one another.

This looks very promising! I hope it gets off the ground.


I hope.

First step would be creating a repository group and naming other main contributor with permission to write on it in order to maintain the external contributions in quick income if first dev is not available (as seems to happen now).


PHP, mysql, Apache License, version 2.0… urgh!


Instagram - PixelFed

It’s glorious, isn’t it!? A new day approaches, comrades!


Don’t forget YaCy, a libre decentralised search engine, I think that’s the most important project of all. Just understand how much trust we put on search engines then realise how dangerous they are if proprietary


Github/Gitlab - Codeberg
Spotify - Funkwhale
Facebook - Friendica
Reddit - Littr

Funkwhale is really only an alternative to Soundcloud. Spotify is a completely different kind of service.


I think that can be with the shared libraries and listening to on demand taking advantage of that.

For Soundcloud I would speak about Ampache to be exact but it is not federated.




This is getting me excited about technology again - it feels like there’s path out of the Panopticon. I’m in the process of moving from Mac / macOS to a Purism / Linux / BSD laptop. I went from using the Apple Keychain to Bitwarden. Plex has been replaced by Jellyfin. I got rid of Facebook a long time ago, but am moving from Instagram to Pixelfed.

I seem to have some infinite loading bugs on Lemmy on iOS at the moment, but the chapo.chat instance is working really well. Anyway, I’m loving all these federated / open source solutions and it’s getting to the point where I can totally ditch a lot of the capitalist crap.


WriteFreely/Write.as and Plume for blogging. And partially WordPress with a plugin.

We are missing Pinterest :grinning face with sweat:


I think this post https://drewdevault.com/2018/07/23/Git-is-already-distributed.html is useful in the federating git conversation


It’s great to see such uplifting news. Can’t wait to see where it all goes!

On a slightly unrelated note, it’s Diaspora, not Diasporia. Good list, though!


GitLab is FLOSS but has both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition (non-FLOSS version).

Also where is Pleroma, Misskey and Hubzilla??


Misskey has been bought by Zoom no ?

A federated Snapchat alternative would be nice but the implementation would be head-scratching.


I think you could also add rocket.chat to the discord/slack. For discord, there is also Mumble. Otherwise there is still IRC

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