Hello all, I am in the process (and nearly done) of setting up an ethical tech organisation, which to start with will focus on publishing articles on news relating to ethical tech - the initial goal is to reach and inform people who are concerned, but not that knowledgeable yet about protecting their privacy.

I am in the process of assembling a team of individuals to write articles, and help reach out to these people - if you’re interested in writing for this project and/or would like to find out more, please get in touch with me:

Matrix: @karl:neochat.org Email: karl at karlswa dot com

I look forward to hearing from you.


Please apply here: https://hfet.org/write-for-us/


im all in


Awesome, please get in touch!




Great, I’ve replied to your Matrix message!


Thanks to those who have contacted me, still looking for more contributers so please get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!

A place to discuss privacy and freedom in the digital world.

Privacy has become a very important issue in modern society, with companies and governments constantly abusing their power, more and more people are waking up to the importance of digital privacy.

In this community everyone is welcome to post links and discuss topics related to privacy.

Some Rules

  • Posting a link to a website containing tracking isn’t great, if contents of the website are behind a paywall maybe copy them into the post
  • Don’t promote proprietary software
  • Try to keep things on topic
  • If you have a question, please try searching for previous discussions, maybe it has already been answered
  • Reposts are fine, but should have at least a couple of weeks in between so that the post can reach a new audience
  • Be nice :)

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