Today it happened again. I can actually browse through videos overviews on youtube.com but the moment I want to open a video (I don’t use Tor for watching videos normally [I prefer invidious or youtube-dl for myself], just use Tor - because I dislike all the Google tracking - to get a link for sharing in email, or Lemmy, for other people) I get the Sorry - blocked message. So I guess only the googlevideo.com (or smth like it) has the blocking part.

If all connection is routed through tor use mpv <url> to watch provided you have ytdl installed from your distro or via pip.

Good find 👍. I don’t know much about youtube on tor as i usually use invidious. For converting invidious link to youtube link, you can just change the instance domain (like invidious. snopyta.org) part from the video URL to youtube.com and it works fine. I think invidious only changes the domain part of the youtube link and preserves everything else 🤔


Yes, correct about the URL part. Sometimes I simply copy & paste. But the problem turns out that if I decide to share invidious links with other people, it can happen that the invidious instance cannot load the video, sometimes this happens, or the instance no longer exists (In the past I’ve shared invidious links with the flagship invidious which is RIP now). On my main browser I actually have a Firefox add-on to turn twitter and youtube links into nitter/invidious. (There’s several Firefox add-ons for that). The other thing is that Tor browser does automatically jump to the onion site of some of the invidious instances, and I prefer not to share onion sites with friends or on Lemmy or Mastodon unless there would be a good reason for it.

Try using an instance from instances.invidio.us. Enable proxy videos option in preferences, this makes sure that you won’t connect to google for video streams (don’t really know if its necessary for avoiding tor blocks though 🤔). Note that enabling proxy may slow down your network, so choose a reliable instance.

Google discriminates against Tor users. Sometimes, like you just witnessed, they won’t allow you to even prove that you’re human through a CAPTCHA, other times you will be allowed to prove you’re human, but then still, you need to solve way more tests than a user who isn’t using Tor would.


Same with VPNs

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