YES. the spirit of halloween lives in

  1. tweens getting to have edgy get-togethers with more eyeliner than they would normally dare to don
  2. parties with kitschy themed appetizers
  3. small children in cute costumes gorging themselves on cheap candy
  4. horror movie marathons at second run theatres

Many people, especially the young, celebrate Halloween in Singapore. I’ve seen shopping malls and restaurants put up Halloween decorations, and there are Halloween events and parties being organised too. I don’t believe people here go trick or treating though.

In Argentina not really. If it happens, it’s mostly an excuse for adults to go to a costume party but not much more than that. There has been a “push” from ESL teachers to celebrate it in their classes, but I haven’t seen anything else. Kids don’t go around asking for candy to other houses and I don’t see it happening ever, tbh.


The Coca Cola Christmas guy and Black Friday from the USA have sort of arrived in Holland but Halloween has not as far as I can see. By the way, candy == crime. Especially children should eat healthy. And USA can do better with health. Get rid of McDonalds and Burger King. Less sugar and salt in supermarket products is still needed.


My country US&A celebrate


Canada (where I’m a citizen): Yes (though it’s not a good idea this year because of COVID-19, people are still planning on doing it)

China (my birthplace): No, never even heard of it in China.

What were your first thoughts when discovering that Halloween is a holiday that people celebrate?


I was like 9 when I discovered it, and back then I was just excited about getting candy.


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