After some delays due to upgrade problems with pict-rs, we finally released Lemmy 0.8.0 this week. But there is still a lot of work to be done. An important one is compatibility with the ActivityPub standard, we have already been notified of some cases where Lemmy behaviour was completely wrong. For this reason, I finally read through the ActivityPub specification (but not ActivityStreams, it jsut looks so long and boring). Anyway this is what I programmed:

  • swapped the activitypub fields name and preferredName, which we used wrongly
  • created rustdoc for most of our activitypub code
  • added fail2ban config for yerbamate.dev so it wont go down all the time
  • applied some security measures recommended by the apub standard

Seconding this, just mainly helped prepare the release this week. Also

  • Fixed a bug related to removing avatar / banner icons.
  • Fixed IP forwarding headers that were causing rate limiting issues for signups.

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