What is diaspora?


A federated social network similar to facebook.


I tried to use it 10 or 15 years ago when it first came out; my impression is that it never really took off. Has diaspora* become more popular in recent years?

Travis Skaalgard

More popular? Yes. Popular? No.


I guess it’s hard to say what “popular enough” is for social networking services in the general case.

Maybe it would be fun to try again now that I have stopped using my real name on the internet (since we are among friends I can disclose that my real name is actually Joseph Blow, not jow bloe.).

Anyway I never really wanted to use what they were offering back in the day (nor proprietary alternatives e.g. facebook), so the question of whether diaspora is popular enough to exhibit sufficiently strong network effects to be a viable social network is moot I guess.

Maybe I will try it again with some public instance.


I joined https://diaspora.pnw.gay/ with the same handle


Det er cool

Travis Skaalgard

Yes, dat are cool.

While I like the idea (and hate Facebook), I don’t really see the purpose of a social media platform where no one I know is on. That’s the major hurdle to tackle for any competitor.

Doesn’t help that it’s really hard to understand (It’s much easier to find information on the federation aspect of it rather than just how to sign up, what the actual platform offers in term of functionality, etc.) and that most of the pod links look mostly like virus links.


You have the opportunity to get some of the people you know on. By the way, Friendica looks like FB too, but it knows ActivityPub. You may want to look at that?

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