Split them up!


Its a nice idea, but how could it actually be implemented in practice? These companies work directly with many governments, and have a lot of influence. No politician would actually implement measures to split them up (not unless another large corporation wants it).


Back in the 70s the US DOJ did break up the Bell telephone system into 6 or 7 big companies. It’s very far from perfect but at least it was no longer one company being a monopoly.

At the end of the day breaking up Alphabet wouldn’t be too hard as they basically just own different companies in a way. Same with Facebook owning WhatsApp, Instagram, Occulus VR etc.


Someone would have to force them to break up. That would be either the US or possibly the EU government. And I just dont see that happening, because those companies do a lot of bribery (lobbying). Other governments wouldnt have enough influence.


There is no EU governament… anyway it happened to Standard Oil in 1911, owned by John D. Rockfeller and his grandson founded the Trilateral Commission that in The Crisis of Democracy report described how to hack democracy to avoid what happened to Standard Oil.

If you read that document you will see that USA and EU founded later with the same principles are now exactly what Trilateral Commission wanted.


Yeah, even just acquisitions rarely get blocked, e.g. Facebook was already monopoly enough that they should not have been allowed to buy Instagram and WhatsApp.

I was hoping they left it alone and with time people realised they could move to other open technologies that would not have the same bad effects these monopolies have. But I think I am dreaming if I think people will make the best decision for themselves.


Break-up up sounds good on paper only. It was done with AT&T in 80s and they are back to t again.

I would want to know how exactly we plan on splitting them up? Facebook could definitely be split up between it’s different media sites(like WhatsApp) and technology companies (Oculus).

But for the other two I don’t know if it will have any benefit.

Tbh we need stronger privacy protection laws that have enough teeth to make even the big tech companies abide by them.


I agree. Stricter laws against monopoly would also help. If they hadn’t merged with all those companies in the first place, we would not have this problem. Or at least it would’t be as big.


Tbh we need stronger privacy protection laws that have enough teeth to make even the big tech companies abide by them.

Or just take away the need to endless expand and grow by basically setting a limit with a 90% tax or something.

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