Broider is a fun tool for designing border decorations!

this tool is absolutely flawless at what it does, even though I immediately start wishing for more colors, variable size, etc. etc. I’m always surprised contemporary web design doesn’t use CSS border-image more… but pleased that it thereby maintains its offbeat charm.


Hey, currently I’ve been thinking about making a tool to make some web-design processes easier.

Do you have some other examples where you’d want to have something generated by giving input through a relatively simple UI?


Pixel anything is great because it feels silly to fire up a whole-ass image editor for little things. Stuff like this that you can just thwomp into CSS is fun – really similar stuff like horizontal rules, bullets for bulleted lists, etc. could be cool.

Also, maybe I’m the only one, but I really like using emoji as web UI elements (there’s a lot you don’t need FontAwesome or whatever for) so… there’s definitely a way to do cool CSS there too…

Ah, one thing I have been playing with is tinting emoji using CSS filter to make them fit in better to a color scheme. You can use sepia and then filter on top of that to colorize emoji. This is a pain to do by guessing at degrees of hue rotation. A UI around that might be fun.

Something about generating favicons? Some amount of animation / scripting around emoji favicons?

This is all just spitballing, I’m sure there are better ideas and probably reasons why particular ones of these could be problematic.

Weird Corners of the Internet

    SFW weird corners of the internet. See something amusingly specific? Could belong here. Remember the odd pages you’d come across on StumbleUpon? We can live those days again…

    Filed under Humor/Memes but it doesn’t have to be funny.

    note from kixiQu: I post a good amount of things from and marijn’s linkroll into this sub because I think they have a lot of fabulous examples. if anyone gets tired of it, DM me.

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