Meanwhile people writing games that can fit into a boot sector.

Meanwhile a different group of people storing the same image 40 times in different places for convenience

cough game freak

Electron be like



A hello world in Javascript is a single line script in node and deno.

console.log("Hello world");

That’s not bloated by any definition.


That code snippet alone is not bloated, no. But that you need to launch basically a web browser to run it, that’s very fucking bloated.

Or in different terms, a Hello World in assembler is a lot more code, but I don’t think, anyone would call that “bloat”.


Javascript is not the only, or even the first, interpreted language. Having a VM doesn’t mean a language is bloated


I don’t think, the word “bloated” is clearly enough defined to have an argument over it. And this meme was merely insinuating that you need a lot of RAM to run a Hello World written in JavaScript, which is true, because its VM is a browser.

Also, I would generally call other interpreted languages “bloated”, too. I mean, Python is horrendously slow.
Even Java and the likes, which get compiled to “Byte Code” and then this Byte Code is interpreted by the JVM, is still a language which I consider “bloated”, unless it’s used for large-scale applications where the JVM overhead really doesn’t matter anymore.


That depends on the runtime environment I’d say.

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Nobody is insinuating that a Hello World in any programming language is literally 1GB. It’s a hyperbole for comedic effect.

Eh, if you consider all the node modules as part of your codebase, even something basic written in Vue, Angular or Electron could well be near that size.


The hyperbole is about Electron, though, not Javascript. Any script you write in Bash, Ruby, Lua, etc can be written in Javascript in a reasonable size.