Pretty basic question. During my phone setup I clicked too fast and chose Google but I want to change the search engine of the unmovable search bar on my screen. I hope I am being clear because it seems like an easy task but I cannot. Everywhere possible I have set it to duckduckgo but that damn search bar still launches google.


Do you mean on your home screen? (If you press the Home-button, is this the screen that you come out at?)

If so, you can have different “launchers” as your home screen and different manufacturers do install custom launchers, so I can’t give you exact step-by-step instructions.

Usually, you can access the launcher settings by long-pressing on the home screen. There may also be a cogwheel under Android Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Default Apps -> To the right of “Home app”.
If it doesn’t have an explicit “Settings”-link there or you can’t find the search engine as an option in its Settings, then the search bar might be a “widget”.

Again through that long-press menu, there should be some way to add widgets. See if you can find that search bar widget and try adding it a second time (usually you press and hold it, then drop it where you want it to be placed on your home screen).
Widgets often show a settings dialog when you add them.

If that works, long-press and hold the old search bar and then usually an X shows up at the top of the screen where you can drag it into to delete it.
You can also move the new search by long-press- and dragging it.

If that doesn’t work either, maybe there’s a way to remove that old search bar through the launcher settings. Then you could add a different search widget, e.g. Firefox provides one.

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