I used to generate my website by piecing together html templates and pages. I stopped doing that and started using kcgi.

Today, I switched back to a static site. It is generated from markdown using just sh, lowdown, awk, cat, etc. The link is to the page on the site about the site (meta) and includes a link to the source that makes the site.

I am using stagit with no option to clone, but I’ll get one set up tomorrow and probably tomorrow too I’ll post a version with none of my assets or css so the initial git clone doesn’t take forever.


also, it has an automatically generated RSS feed.

For the small web/weird web

    The small web and weird web are overlapping uses of the Worldwide Web that harkens back to Web 1.0: personally-owned and non-corporate domains, text-based, and interlinked with federation or webrings.

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