But apparently, that doesn’t violate the reddit content policy so long as you say “/s” at the end of it.

Source: https://mastodon.technology/@aspensmonster/108772742774156860

Speaking as a Texan, Texas sucks.


Another Texan agrees.

MF Dozens

Another Texan thirding. I lie to people when they ask me where I’m from these days.

I mean, the guy has Israel in his name. The bar was already non-existent.


In 1936 and 1937 the Gestapo, with the cooperation of the Criminal Police, sent more than 3,000 beggars, homeless people, [sex workers], and repeat offenders to the concentration camps. […] After the employment offices had reported persons who were ‘unwilling to work’ to the Gestapo, Gestapo officials arrested between 1,500 and 2,000 persons in the last week of April 1938 and transferred them to Buchenwald concentration camp. The next mass arrests followed in June and were primarily directed against the homeless, beggars, and those suspected of procurement. […] In both April and June, care was taken to ensure that those arrested were fit for work. […] In Buchenwald, where 7,850 persons, including around 1,250 Jews, were imprisoned after the ‘June Operation’, an average of six to eight prisoners per day are said to have died, either as a result of ill‐treatment or general exhaustion or because they fell into despair and threw themselves against the electrified barbed‐wire fence of the camp.

(Source. Corroboration.)

But I can promise you that MBPIsrael will have no clue why you consider him or her a neofascist (unless you count ‘lefties just call everybody they disagree with nazis!!!’).

Nice to see this spreading :)

can’t play that

Documenting the bullshit that neofascists say and do. Mostly stupid shit.

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