Purchase my hummingbird pictures here (Sugar is expensive!): http://bit.ly/2rI69p9 Remember, don't use the Red Dye like in the video, just 4 parts water to 1 part sugar is perfect and much cheaper! A hand fed Hummingbird video that is amazing. Taming the Alaskan hummingbird. These hummingbirds were filmed at our lodge in Alaska, no feeder required! Our lodge in Alaska has TONS of these little birds in the summer. Did you know their heartbeat can be as high as 1200 beats per minute! Mother nature is amazing! These adorable hummingbirds eat right out of our hands here at the lodge. While setting up the cameras for some more handfeeding, these two little hummingbirds gave us "the shot". Though I love the hummingbirds in Alaska, The majority only arrive after migrating from Mexico, looking for feeders along the way. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere where we could watch baby hummingbirds in their nests. Some of those videos are amazing! NOTE: We don't use red dye anymore. We use 4:1 Water to sugar only.
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