Anyway, here’s a nice picture of some cars.


… meanwhile at the Calcutta DMV …an this pedal is the velocity increaser while this one is the coaster pedal and that other one is the car stopper pedal. This large stick coming out of the floor, we call it the different mesh gear selector stick, it can be used to select between several differently sized gears of different mesh number. Okay to initiate a velocity translocation for example from your self owned domicile to a near to you wally mart, first press the coaster pedal and you rotate the different mesh gear stick to indicate the initial gear. Slowly let go of the coaster pedal while simultaneously pressing the velocity increaser pedal. As you press with more downward distance, the second derivative gauge will initially increase, then decrease while the first derivative gauge will steadily increase. Now, this next segment of the process takes a small amount of initial condition estimation will some slight randomness. As your second derivative gauge begins to drop, that means the ultimate power delivery from the linear variables gas chambers to the circular traveling shoes is diminishing. At that moment, you must move the different mesh gear indicator stick from the initial velocity to the subsequent velocity. From here on out your process will be to repeat the previous process unless the street controlling indication lights are letting you know that you must stop. In that case you will step on the coaster pedal and then on the car stopper pedal until the vehicular velocity has reached the nill condition. I am so sorry, but it is appeared that we, or you in your case, have actually and unfortunately removed the life from 3 pedestrian people. As you perform the necessary velocity adjustments, you must also observe the rules of the road as indicated in this 1/4centimeter by 3 centimeter by 0.005centimeter document. The paraph indicating to not proceed if pedestrian people are present, is sometimes missing if the printer cut the paper in the incorrect location. Lucky for your day, this is the case and you will be given a second chance after only the removal of one finger.


I’d like more info about the folklore mentioned. Top of mind, the devil’s crossroads, but that could be a path too

Same, I tried ddg it and nada

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