The Linux Foundation was spotted, once again, not using the Linux operating system. In a recent report that they published, you can see that it was created on a Mac using Adobe software. Here are my…

Email the hypocrites @ the Linux foundation, tell them they are a bunch of fake people milking the Linux name by using proprietary software on their daily work, one will think they will support Linux and open source as much as possible specially when there are good options to adobe shit and apple/windows CRAP. enough is enough if they want to use OSX they should have called them self the OSX foundation or the Adobe foundation period!


Yeah Linux and the Linux foundation are corporate as fuck these days. Linus Torvalds has a net worth of $150 million and if you rank Linux contributors in general big companies are the biggest contributors. Hell Microsoft is a top tier member of the Linux Foundation.

You are literally not dealing with Free Software activists at the Linux Foundation. You are working with gigantic corporations that like the technical and economic advantages of a collaboratively developed, free of charge open source OS kernel. Of course they don’t care about fucking principles. Torvalds never cared about principles and was always up front about this.

There is no salvaging the Linux project from the corporatizing processes. You can find ways to accommodate it or jump ship. Linus himself is far too “pragmatic” to ever change this direction. Why would he? It’s working out well for him, to about the tune of $10 million a year.

I wish there was a good GPLv3 kernel out there. I like GPLv3 as a license.




Canonical did the same thing. Used some Adobe software to generate create a report LOL

Keep in mind, the Linux foundation also funds plenty of Linux developers and maintainers, e.g. Linus Torwalds. They still push forward the Linux kernel and software around the Linux environment. Believing, that such a global-scale project can stay free from corporate interest is plain naive.

Nevertheless, I understand the point, that they should rather use FOSS software, instead of hypocritically saying “we encourage a global FOSS ecosystem” while using proprietary garbage.


I guess this might really be a problem with what RMS warned about: To confuse “Linux” with the whole operating system. Linux is just the kernel, and Linus Torvalds is just a guy that really like to code. He repeatedly stated that he doesn’t care for the ethics of licenses. He just wants to code.

Don’t get me wrong. I really dig this dude. There is nothing wrong with just coding and not caring about ethics and morals. Everyone is different. I’m just making sure that nobody thinks I’m disrespecting anyone.

I guess we might see the Linux Foundation as something that represents what we have in front of us when we’re using Gnome or KDE, or when we are using GNU utils on our favorite shell. Or we might think that the Linux Foundation stands for copyleft or free and open source software But that’s not how it is. The Linux Foundation is just about the kernel. That’s it.

If you take that in mind… I ask myself: Why would they need to use FOSS for reports, when they never really stood for FOSS? You’d have a strong argument against the FSF if they would do something like that, because that is their stance. But did the LF in fact ever boast about FOSS? Is that their core, their goal?


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Today, I discovered this article, “Relying on plain-text email is a ‘barrier to entry’ for kernel development, says Linux Foundation board member”

Ugh do they want to move the kernel work to Github or something?

You know it.

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