Facebook and WhatsApp users can’t make money (last I checked). I think it depends more on the service generating money from users and using that to advertise itself

even the “I use this service because my friends do” argument doesn’t work because kids go to new services their parents don’t use (and their future children do the same). so I think social platforms can’t last longer than one generation*

there’s always room for new services, and it’s primarily a matter of advertising or otherwise raising awareness

*I’m unsure how or if this applies to anonymous platforms like Reddit. the point of Reddit is discussion instead of connecting with friends. so maybe it will survive longer than one generation. and possibly it’s less popular because fewer people are interested in discussion


i think it’s due to the fact that reddit is more for niche hobbies. Twitch isn’t that popular outside of the gaming sphere and even with the recent wave of lax moderation with girls wearing skimpy outfits doing softcore porn it’s still doesn’t have a broad appeal so it’s definitely more than you can’t make money off it that turns off people. For an app to make money it has to something that attract users in the first place and neither reddit nor fedi are doing that. The reason for the fediverse not being popular imo is due to the fact that most people don’t care about privacy, the ui and ux could use a lot of work ( I know most normie stuff isn’t doing too hot in that department either but libre software just has this look where you know it was made by technical people and not designers), people you know aren’t on it and also probably wont join just because you asked and the existing userbase is mostly technical people.

libre software just has this look where you know it was made by technical people and not designers


he existing userbase is mostly technical people.

I managed to get a friend to join matrix and got him into a room. He left after a month, said people spent too much time talking about technical topics, which is totally true. I’m about the trash posting scene likes memes, !chat@beehaw.org etc.

Yeah but I bet it’s the reason why there is reasonable content on Reddit often


Reddit used to be a great place until a few years ago. In the last 4-5 years they have really lost their way.

i don’t know mate, connoisseurs seem to do a lot “research” on ig+onlyfans, and they like that ‘reasonable’ content :p


Maybe Reddit being as popular to the audience it (still) has is because it has much less of the brain-numbing influencer content that is crapped out and boosted by the algorithms to keep people ‘engaged’ in other normie social medias. In other words it has more real-people user-generated content, instead of shallow influencer mush and all the fads it creates around them.

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