I hate this ‘100% written on js’ (it is cool for demonstrating power of js but then it become big bloated library/projects which is used by almost every site), in the next year every site will weight 500MB and for browser you will need 8 gigs of ram

Visual studio code already requires way too much processing power to read and display text files and… make the cursor blink. I wish I was joking.

Exactly! It become way too bloated and slow (thanks to electron). Now there are no lightweight and fast ide, but emacs (and maybe vim + terminal)

Sublime Text as well; for me it’s the perfect combination of looking sleek and modern and performing extremely well

proprietary, bad. if you need just text editor - vim (nvim) is best

Maybe Emacs or Kate?


Don’t worry, the hardware manufacturers will make up for it in no time! /s


Ah yes, nothing like going from JVM bytecode to JavaScript bytecode to JIT compilation 😆


It’s like a VM quine :)


Haha wow. This is brilliant. Serious mad scientist vibes. I love it !!!

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