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Abandon Github YaCy caters for privacy enthusiasts and those looking to escape surveillance capitalism, and yet the development platform is hosted by Microsoft – a privacy abuser. To improve the c…

I address this issue here to know the opinion about the FLOSS community and, being the case, support a possible decision to move YaCy development away of GitHub.

Just before to post in the GitHub issue I would warn you about Wolfbeast GitHub user, who is the Pale Moon main dev and could have an important influence denying the idea.

I am not at all agaisnt him but I don’t support his opinions related to other projects like F-Droid:

Given that Firefox could be dying, Pale Moon and UXP based software could be rised so much and would be given the only independent alternative based on Firefox code even if it’s in an older version maintained up-to-date in certain way.

I repeat: take in account that before writing there.

You always can put reactions on main post to support the request.

ReverseEagle [DEPRECATED]

    Welcome to ReverseEagle

    Let’s take an extra step forward to create a private, free, and healthy internet, and software that you can trust.

    We remove proprietary code from FOSS projects.

    Too many projects that claim to be a bastion of privacy have been overtaken by the influence of corporations.

    The whole idea of FOSS is being torn apart by companies who don’t have our best interests at heart.

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