My feelings about the Mozilla layoffs
I’m having a really bad moment regarding all the news about the recent Mozilla layoffs. Most of my friends there have been fired. I’m just waiting to learn from two of them, but since I already know their teams are gone, I expect them to be a part of the ...

First time I have seen this specific jab:

It feels like Mozilla is this beautiful dream that is unfortunately plagued by incompetent managers.

Though watching their github issues, no shock…


deleted by creator


Yeah I’ll ride with firefox for as long as I feasibly can, I don’t think firefox can be the best anymore, but at least it’s not contributing to a global monopoly.


What happened is sad. I’m doing the same, staying for as long as possible.

Reddit is a guage of average joe public sentiment these days the way Facebook will tell you what the crazy uncles will be rattling on about at the next family dinner. Some how that site still holds on to the image of being a rational tech literate space. I know you’re probably aware of this but I’m just stating explicitly for the sake of it.

It is frightening to see, yes. There’s also plenty of people like on lemmy lamenting these events. I’ll be super concerned if we ever get to the point where even the geeks like just use chromium, it’s open source enough.

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