Kiev—Reports are at least one protester has been killed in a night of demonstrations and clashes with security forces in the Belarus capital city of Minsk following the presidential vote on Sunday, August 9. On Monday night, protesters engaged in a second night of demonstrations, refusing to accept the officially announced vote results from what […]

Ooh yeah! What is happening in this country is what will be included in history books. Only now you can see all the events taking place there only on the channels that are hosted by someone from the local. For example, the channel Belarusian Revolution News in the application utopia p2p, where you can find the latest news, which is also uncensored.


utopia p2p

Never heard about utopia p2p in privacy/security circles before, so took a quick look. While the concept does seem interesting to a degree, the group behind it seems to be a private firm registered in the UK from 2015 (though the guy who introduced it in a Medium post doesn’t seem to be a native English speaker at all), rather than to form a more transparent public foundation.

They released Utopia only at the very tail end of 2019. This raises a question in my mind, of whether they have some private funders supporting the, which they don’t want the public to know about…?

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