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.no is reserved for norway. if you are norwegian, you could probably host your own lemmy instance


you know you don’t have to really follow these rules?

Really not? From what I understand (maybe I misunderstood, though), you can’t register a .no domain name without Norid’s approval, and Norid’s domain name policy says:

5. Requirements for the applicant – who can apply?


5.1 The applicant must be an organization registered in Norway’s Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities [Enhetsregisteret]. See the list showing the forms of organization which may apply (Appendix E). The organization must run genuine operations and/or have activities and substance according to information specified in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, and must provide evidence that it genuinely exists if Norid demands such evidence. The organization must have a Norwegian postal address.

5.2 Each organization may at any time have up to 100 domain names directly within .no. An organization may also have up to 5 domain names under each geographical domain to which the organization belongs, as well as 5 domain names under each second-level domain to which the organization belongs.

Private individuals

5.3 The applicant must be 18 years or older, registered in the National Registry (Folkeregisteret) with a Norwegian national identity number (fødselsnummer) and have a Norwegian post address.

5.4 At any given time, each private individual can have up to 5 domain names directly within .no. They may also have up to 5 domains within any geographical domain they belong to, and up to 5 domains within priv.no.


hm, i’m not sure actually now, i didn’t know that individual countries could create their own rules, in my statement i was going of the fact that most country-specific domains (.io, .ai etc) are not used in country-specific applications…


Yes, they can, like .cat or .es or .eu. For .cat for example you must live in Catalunya or promote their culture (the page also in their language is an example), for .es I think that the requirement was only to live in Spain and for .eu you must be a citizen of a country inside the EU.

There are also plenty of other requirements like the type of forbidden content, etc


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