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We are pleased to announce Jellyfin 10.6.2. 10.6.1 was rather unceremoniously edited into the other post, but thanks to the other change I wanted to make a new one. The memory leak should finally be fixed too!

All the various release types are up including the Windows installer and MacOS disk image.

Now, for the cool bit: we now have global mirrors!

Check out https://repo.jellyfin.org/mirrorstats for the map.

I’ve implemented Mirrorbits, which is a mirror redirector and manager made by one of the guys at VideoLAN and used by them and a few other big projects. It was a little rough to get set up with a dearth of documentation, but I got it all working and silently activated it earlier today just in time for this release.

As an end-user, your experience won’t change much if at all. You’ll still go to https://repo.jellyfin.org/releases or use your Debuntu repository entry as normal. However on the backend, we now have 4 servers spread across the world (Toronto, San Francisco, Frankfurt, and Singapore), and when you actually download the (large) files, Mirrorbits will direct you to the closest server based off the MaxMind GeoIP database. And if all of them are down, it will fall back to our original server in Toronto. You can also view the individual mirrors and select one manually by appending “?mirrorlist” to any file, like this.

Hopefully this system improves the extremely slow download speeds folks were seeing after the last two releases, both by increasing the total bandwidth (4 servers versus 1) as well as putting those servers closer to you, especially for European and Asian/Pacific users. This also opens up the possibility of us supporting 3rd party repos for places that DigitalOcean isn’t located, for instance South America, India, China, or Africa. If someone in those locales is interested in hosting one please let us know on Matrix. If you notice any issues with it, please reach out. I’ll also be detailing the setup in a blog post coming soon.

Enjoy and happy watching!

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