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This post is brought to you from #tusky inside #anbox on #ubports #ubuntuTouch running on #nexus5. You might ask WHY??? Well, because it’s possible. The app itself runs pretty smooth actually! Typing is a bit of a chore though, the keyboard is from android as well and I get some flickering and lag. Probably because of the multitasking in anbox (jumping back and forth between app and keyboard). And opening links doesn’t work at all (no browser installed inside anbox, webview crashes).

Tusky runs on anbox - a few days ago I tried a few apps on anbox. F-Droid works fine, but two browsers I tried crashed. Interesting to hear that Tusky works fine.


tusky is the best

anbox - Android emulated on Linux


    Anbox is a container-based approach to boot a full Android system on a regular GNU/Linux system like Ubuntu. In other words: Anbox will let you run Android on your Linux system without the slowness of virtualization.