Lemmy: I am sooo lightweight bro.

Lemmy-lite: Hold my beer…




Outstanding! Thank you so much for working on this. I think my number one wish for a Reddit alternative was that it worked with the fediverse, but my number two wish would be that it’s super lightweight and can function without JavaScript.

I tried Tildes.net for a time because it was also designed to be minimalist and it works well without JavaScript. But unfortunately, I think it largely reproduces the shallowness of Reddit conversations (I decided Tildes was not for me when someone confidently argued, to approving comments and upvotes, that MLK’s Letter From A Birmingham Jail showed he would be opposed to BLM).

Anyway, I don’t know how far you intend to take this project, I see you have markdown next on your list which will be nice. But I would love to be able to post, upvote, and all that cool stuff without JavaScript, too, and would even be willing to put a least a small donation toward supporting such an effort.

I appreciate the single page app, but no-javascript is what will make this a home run for me.


Adding user functionality will be very difficult as it’s difficult to handle user tokens/authentication without javascript. It’s definitely possible though (see gmail lite) and it’s the end goal for lemmy-lite. Once user functionality is implemented, I hope to release lemmy-lite as stable v1.0.0.

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