This isn’t like a small feature suggestion. This would be a pretty big change. But, hear me out.

It’s not possible to post something without posting it to a community. This makes sense considering the ‘megaforum’ nature of Lemmy. But what if each user had their own page to post what they wanted? Kinda like a blog.

We have /u/ for users, /c/ for communities. What about a /b/ for a ‘blog’?

The idea is that every user that registers for a Lemmy account would along with their /u/ page also get their own /b/ page, identical to their username. This /b/ place would be much like a community, but it is reserved for posts by the associated user only. Possibly with options to allow people to leave replies and cast votes.

I think this would be great! I don’t think there’s any other forum/link aggregator that does the same, or at least no ones that I’m aware of (there might be some ancient websites that do this that no one really uses anymore and that I’ve never heard of, you never know). Thoughts?


A community-less post ( or one to your own user page), will be added in some way when we add user following, and bridge to the rest of the fediverse.

That’s a really long way off tho, considering how spread thin we are.


That would be incredibly neat. And with the added benefit that most users don’t pay anything by being registed/posting on a particular instance, maybe it could even attract people from medium and other centralized blogging platforms…

edit: on second though, it probably won’t attract many people from medium since user blogs on lemmy would probably lack the versatility and customization of personal blogs and medium to a lesser degree, bc it’s not a very good idea to allow everyone use their own css/js on their custom page

Reddit added this a while back. Initially they tried to push hard on the feature but scaled back for some reason. I think it was /r/profiles or something that was dedicated to showing user profile posts. They got a bunch of news outlets on board for a bit. It seems like it never really took off. I think they were trying to become like Twitter with blue checkmarked accounts.

Now once in a blue moon you might see a /u/ post in the /r/all queue. These days I mostly see people pin a post in their profile that taunts people who go looking through their post history.

The feature is heavily used by sex workers to promote their snapchats and manycams and patreons or whatever.

Future Me

Phenomenal idea, I agree it belongs in the user profile under /u


Aside from the /b/ routing, can’t you just start your own sublemmy?


I can start a community, but communities with my username could already exist, not to mention that other users could post things as well. That’s why I think /b/ would be great


Maybe instead of /b/, use the same /u/ but with another tab next to the comments, posts, saved, etc tabs


and maybe have that as the default tab?


I’m still in favor of /b/, because that indicates to whoever might click a URL that they’re being redirected to the blog, instead of /u/ for a sub page on the user page. Either way, I think this could work out and I’d love to see it.

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