When I entered the engineering program as a freshman in college, I felt like a frivolous teenager. In my sophomore year, and in a fortunate stroke of serendipity, I joined Zairza, a technical society for like-minded students who collaborated and built projects separate from the academic curriculum. It was right up my alley. Zairza provided me a safe space to learn and grow and discover my interests. There are different facets and roadways to development, and as a newbie, I didn’t know where my interests lay.

Excerpt : “This journey from a confused teenager to a confident learner has been fulfilling in every possible way. To any student reading this, I advise: never stop learning. Even in these unprecedented times, the world is still your oyster. Participating in open source internships and other programs is not a prerequisite to becoming a successful programmer. Everyone is unique. Open source programs help boost your confidence, but they are not a must-have.”


I grew up extremely curious of computers and technology in general, but none of the adults in my life had the same passion or education to guide me. Every time I tried to get into programming as a teenager on windows I would fall flat on my face as I found the process of simply setting up a dev environment disorienting. As we had a family computer, heavy tinkering was explicitly forbidden. If only someone could have shown me how to install a virtual machine and start toying around in a GNU shell!


Many years ago I started with Linux using it with UMSDOS on the DOS computer of a family member.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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