to answer the question directly, these are my favorite by a mile: https://vitasoy-na.com/vitasoy/ (not healthy, generally chock full of sugar, there’s a lower-sugar version on the website but I have never seen it in person)

I guess they could be OK in coffee, probably not on cereal unless you are trying to have a novel experience


anyone here make their own soy drinks? I think it’s not that hard with specialized machine (e.g. https://en.huarenstore.com/soy-milk-maker/soymilk.html).

for this to be cost effective you would have to be a frequent consumer of soy milk and the machines would have to be pretty durable… Also the drink produced this way is a very different texture from Silk or other soy drinks marketed to… I guess I could say “western consumers”


vegetarian here - my favorite vegan milk is a mix of almond and oat milk. It is less sweet than pure oatmilk and has almond flavour


I’m not vegan (yet?) but my favorite would have to be oatmilk.


came here to make this exact comment. oat milk is naturally sweet and has a decent thickness to it (not just watery like almond milk)

Rice milk is the only one that tastes naturally sweet to me. It’s nice to drink by itself but far too watery to use with cereal or in coffee. Nothing beats soya milk for that IMO.

Coconut milk seems like it should be great for certain use cases, if only I could think of what…

Also not vegan because life without cheese and ice cream would be unbearable.


I like rice milk too, but it’s too watery as you pointed out. ZOMG I also can’t give up CHEEZ xD


oh yeah rice milk is nice too! I used to drink soy milk for a long time, but I find that sweetened versions taste like a desert-drink and it’s hard to find store-brand unsweetened versions that aren’t too bitter


Apart from being too watery, almond milk is too… almond-y for me xD


Oat milk is probably my favorite though sometimes getting the texture right is a bit difficult.

I like almond milk with black coffee as it complements coffee much better than cow’s milk or soy milk.


Coconut is the superior milk. I think soy/almonds are common allergens in the US


Soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, they’re all great. Personally I like changing things up from time to time.


I do this too! Though I wouldn’t recommend Flax milk… it’s way too chalky. Bleh :p


Oat milk is my favorite. I enjoy Oatly Full Fat the most.

I grew up drinking rice milk, which was good in cereal, but on it’s own tasted a bit watered down. Texture wise, it’s a lot thinner than oat milk. Rice milk was still good, but just drinking it plain was only alright, oat milk is so much better all around. I haven’t had coconut milk, but I’m not a huge coconut fan so I have no intentions of trying it. I can’t drink almond milks, or other tree nut milks., heard they were good though. I have had soy milk, and it is alright, but I still find oat milk the best.

Also this may be better suited on /c/vegan, Edit: Oh, I just realized you cross-posted.

Cereal, coffee, or smoothies I like almond.

Not 100% vegan yet but I like soy milk, oat milk and rice milk.

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