I have been using it in order to help to document faulty sites in my near zones in the Canary Islands which use to be mostly undocumented or outdated in non-main cities (Province’s Capital and main roads mostly as if there was no more than that)


Good idea, but it’s annoying sometime. For example it asks to add house number. Ok, I can do it, but I cannot assign streets. So, I should assign housenumbers and then, when I arrive home, add street names with JOSM. Too complex. And it just only an example. There is lot of annoying things.


There’s a quest, which is called “What street does the (house) number […] belong to?”. And it is easy to add the street name without typing. I have added once via clicking on the street in map. And one time it was possible to select it from a drop-down menu where it was the first item.


What I do is just reply the questions and if I cannot reply some just revert the answer when I know the correct one or dont continue reply.

In my idea was to use it to help in development, not to report everything.

I think it’s really cool! Works well, you can see your number go up and it’s kinda like a scavenger hunt or pokemon go but actually advances humanity a tiny bit.


Seems easy enough to input data, and the quests are numerous enough to take some time.

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