Why Are We So Lonely? - Glad You Asked S1
We often make assumptions about the things that make us lonely. But research shows that the amount of time you spend with other people, and the quality of ou...

Just got around to watch to watching this and it was very relatable during the pandemic.

I had no idea Dunbar’s number was based on an extrapolation based on animals brain sizes and their social groups.

How are you all holding up?


I’d like to note that some people are much better in “entertaining” themselves than others. Having said that loneliness is kind of made much worse in some cultures. We often grow up with a stereo type idea of “learning” that we should love someone (and get married, have kids etc.), but we do not always learn to love ourselves and support ourselves emotionally. For example pop music is quite extreme in this, a lyric like “I am nothing without you” shows a sort of oxymoron where we trap ourselves in wanting to love someone except that we forget about ourselves.

The covid-19 pandemic has brought up several issues (like climate change) including real ‘social distancing’ and anxiety and feelings of isolation. Staying at home a lot for months is no fun. Today I saw one of the neighbors outside hugging someone. That was a nice thing to see, and something that I haven’t seen for some time. Speaking for myself, music is like a medicine for me, listening music, reading about musical history and playing musical instruments can bring a lot of joy and amazement.


The pandemic is really emphasizing for me how important my coworkers have been to my social health. I live with my boyfriend. I have a couple of friends I chat with every day, a couple of group chats I’m in every 1-2 days, then my mom a few times a week. I have weekly video calls, one with my mom and one with a friend. But even with all that, what I’d guess you’d say would be the 5, I really miss the 15 and the 50 so much more than I expected.

And yet at the same time, my boyfriend doesn’t talk to anybody but me outside of work and I don’t understand how he isn’t an axe murderer by now?? I would lose it if that were me

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