A few years ago, I installed Nextcloud for a local theatre and museum that was looking for an on-premises cloud solution. As an advocate for open source, I always seek out open source options first, and Nextcloud was the most-common open source cloud solution among my peers. I’ve also used it for some personal projects, but I hadn’t looked at it in a while.


I’ve been running my on Nextcloud of the past couple of years on DigitalOcean and can highly recommend it. I use it for my calendar, task management, contacts, file sharing, and music streaming. It just works in my experience, and has survived updgrades without a hitch. Overall, it’s very low maintenance in my experience.

Talk about Nextcloud. Nextcloud has its own forums, but I am not super keen on Discourse based forums. Hopefully here we can share information and find mutual tech aid.

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