Almost everyone knows and feels nowadays that the wires carrying the bits and bytes that create our online experience are under high amount …


if the internet needs saving, i hope there are other avenues of achieving the required changes rather than relying on a private organisation like Google.

If anything, the Internet needs saving from tech oligopolists like Google.


Yep, their “solution” is AMP, which does very much the opposite of saving the internet.


The reality is that most commercial and thus bloated web sites/apps are fully controlled by Google. Ranking is the king. This sites will quickly adapt to any Google’s ranking factor change very quickly in fear of losing their “SEO juice” and becoming outranked by the competition.


Sites adapting to ranking factor wouldn’t be such a huge problem if the people weren’t so stupid and clicked the top link on SERP without thinking. People can also contribute by starting to use other better search engines like DDG.


On a scale of internet search “clicking the top link” is basically a law of physics. Google monopoly in this market is so strong that other engines are irrelevant for sites - I know it first hand, even if I personally avoid Google’s products for this reason.


It’s nice that they wrote this on a Google website. Sure, it’s not a terribly heavy website, but it could still be lighter without the Google backend.

I think it is video that is taking up most of our available bandwidth not websites.




Google themselves are part of the reason why the internet is bloated and shit in it’s current state. Google Fonts, Google APIs, Google ReCaptcha, Google Analytics, AMP, etc…

Ontop of this, it’s not enitrely Google’s fault, but also the site owners faults for choosing to use their services. I mean seriously, do we really need Google for something as basic as fonts …? It’s just lazy, incompetent web design. Not saying Google is getting off clean here, because they are so not, but it is also up to the site owners to take a stance, as well as the people visiting those sites to constantly be complaining or just choose not to visit them. Of course this gets difficult with sites you actually need to visit, or if you basically want to do any sort of online shopping.

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